Favorite or exciting nudist experiences?

Favorite or exciting nudist experiences?


My first trip to a nudist resort with my family and my best friend was able to visit with us too. And yes she had permission from her mom with my mom. I was so excited that I could share a part of my life with my best friend in this way.




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Nothing beats a good outdoor shower


First time I got to spend an extended amount of time nude (>1 day). I went camping at a resort and got to spend three full days there, a great deal of it barefoot, grounding in the grass and soil. I met many people and had some great conversations. Getting to spend that much in nature as nature intended was incredible.


For me not wearing shows adds so much more to being naked. Just being naked is awesome but feeling the grass under your feet too adds another dimension (at least for me)


Being naked while doing things is great in itself. However the best experience I have would be between nude boating or the nude bowling events I have been too.


Mine was just being naked in ALL of my apartment for the first time. Basically that was when I made the decision that from then on, I was going to make that my regular way of living as much as possible.


My experience included twenty other liked minded people and three chartered sailboats. Departing from Athens, we sailed through the Greek Islands for seven days, dressing for tourist excursions or visiting local restaurants. The remainder of the time was au naturel while at sea or anchored at remote beaches. Pure bliss!!


working out nude is probably my favorite so far :) the clothing optional resort I go to has a great gym


I used to do that a lot more at home when I was little, I liked to be the best in my gym class. It felt great working out without my clothes bunching up or feeling tight as I stretched, it also helped keep me cooler. Than you can just get right into the shower afterwards.


so true. I love it so much, and less laundry too


Growing up, my dad and I went camping at our favorite campground for a few weeks every summer. We went skinny dipping off the boat lots of times at night. Back at the camp, we always showered in the big open communal shower house together, which always had several other naked guys in there showering. It was always fun even though we had to put clothes back on when we left the shower house... That, I think is probably my favorite experience overall. And it's surely what made me interested in the nudist lifestyle in to begin wil. I saw early on that nudity is not a big deal at all and that people make far to big of a deal out of things like casual, non-sexual nudity. And even though he's not a nudist, (i'm trying to talk him into going to a campground with me) I've been practicing nudism at home most of my life.


I went to a gay nude party a few years ago. First time being nude in front of that many guys at one time. The exhibitionist in me came out. I loved it.